Dry and Clean…

Dry cleaning and the ironing lady. I have recently started to take my clotehs to be dry cleaned or taken to the ironing lady. After years of slavery over teh ironing bnoard with the iron I finally threw in the towel, ejected my own steam and had had it with doing my ironing.

For so long I did it myself thinking that time would be saved by not driving and it was not worth paying someone else to do it. However now since using this service to my advantage, the opposite is true.

I save heaps more time as I often take and pick up the ironing whilst I am in proximity to that area anyway and the ironing process that I would normally have gone through takes forever and it is now time i get back to myself.

Though such a service does cost money, it is reasonably priced and if you were to use that time wokring that you would have been ironing then it will be paying for itself and returning on you two fold.

The local store I go to has excellent service and always do a really good job. I have been to places before where the finish has not been great so i would suggest looking around and trying out a few places, howveer most of them are pretty good and you are never left with any crinkles.

Something that is great for people who don’t like ironing or washing and drying their clothes. A sure luxurious and classy way to have your threads taken care of. Its how all the famous stars have it done, and let me tell you, you can too and it is certainly worth it.

Put some consideration into such a service next time you are slaving over your washing machine or ironing board. Once you experience the joy of not doing it yourslef you will never go back.


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